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Capture your ideal customers with hyper-targeted Facebook and Google custom audiences.

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Capture Your Target AUDIENCE Effortlessly

We create your custom audiences by targeting thousands of websites your ideal customers use every day.

First: You place our script on your website. It's a single line of code that loads in under 100ms.

Second: Your ideal users are classified and cookied as they browse the web creating your custom audiences.

Third: You target your ads to your custom audience.


Target users that have purchased a product category or using specific services, even your competitor's customers.

Powered by Vertex AI

Submark uses cutting-edge machine learning tools to create and scale hyper-targeted custom audiences for your business.

"Submark has enabled us to get right in front of our customers. We reduced our ad spend - and our conversion rates skyrocketed."
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How We Use Submark

Our system identifies people that use ad management tools while they browse the internet. They are added to our Facebook custom audiences and are served with ads promoting Submark.

We also use audience expansion to target people that use social media or ad management tools and visit marketing-related pages.

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$24 Per Month

  • ✓ Funnel Retargeting
  • ✓ Competitor Analysis & Targeting
  • $100 Facebook Ad Credit
  • ✓ Up to $250 Audience Expansion Credit
  • ✓ 7-day free trial
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Common Questions

How does Submark work?

Submark creates targeted custom audiences by identifying users that potentially need your products and services, allowing you to target your ads to them.

Our machine learning models analyze hundreds of data points about your website and classifies users by niche, category, country, event, audience, and dollar spent. It then cookie your ideal customers leveraging our access to 1,200+ hand-picked publishers, Apps, SaaS companies, and websites.

What is Audience Expansion?

Audience Expansion scales your custom audiences targeting your competitor's users as they browse the internet. We leverage our access to thousands of sites to target people that will benefit from using your products and services.

Which platforms do you support?

We support Facebook and Sharpspring as of right now. We are adding Google, Twitter, email, Linkedin, and Snapchat in addition to the submark REST API in Q3 2021.

Can Submark work with physical stores?

Custom audiences for physical shops and stores work nearly the same way as the online ones. We leverage your customer data in the physical world to create and scale your custom audiences.

Physical store Audiences start at $499/month + as low as $0.10 per paying customer targeted.

How much does Audience Expansion cost?

Audience Expansion costs $0.05 per hyper-targeted audience user.